About NPO Glovill

A Social Contribution for New Music

In 2001-02, Dr. Kojima founded a non-profit organization, Glovill, in Tokyo, and she has served as the founder and the artistic director. (http://glovill.jp/) NPO Glovill is an unique organization to serve as a music management agency to promote new music and musicians from/to Japan and other countries in respect to different cultures and musical styles, even between Classical and Jazz. Also they don’t hesitate to combine technologies to artistic music making and invite various composers and musicians from both sides. Collaborated ensembles and musicians include New York New Music Ensemble (NYC), Pearls Before Swine Experience (Sweden), Calefax Reed Quintet (Netherlands), Allen Farnham (jazz piano), Scott Wendholt (jazz trumpet), and Chris Washburne (latin-jazz trombone). They also collaborated with business companies, universities and embassies to organize various events including the lectures by prominent composers and scholars such as Jonathan Kramer, Jean-Claude Risset, Tristan Murail, and Mari Kimura. In 2006, they co-hosted IRCAM Week Japan 2006, inviting five composers/researchers/administrators including Yan Maresz to Tokyo. It was held at the Apple Japan Headquarter Office in Tokyo in collaboration with Apple Japan. Co. It became the very first such seminar in Japan. 

NPO Glovill’s main objectives are 1. to help create opportunities for composers to create challenging new music, 2. to help educate young composers and performers to study new styles and techniques to create new music, 3. to help ordinary people including those who are in kinder garden or elementary school to discover new music, no matter what musical styles they are created with. Also, Glovill has collaborated with other non-profit organizations. One of them is NPO Family House (Tokyo), which has been helping hospitalized kids and their families. Glovill has been helping organizing fund-raising concerts in collaboration with Cosmo Oil Company. There is neither limitations nor borders for Glovill’s activities. They invite new ideas, new people and organizations to collaborate with, and always wide open their doors to the society.