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“From Sunken Garden” for string quartet (2021)
Duration: ca. 10’. Premiered by Voyager Ensemble in the online concert “Japanese Connection” at UMBC music hall on April 15th, 2021.

Fossil Ripples: Memories of Ocean”for solo piano and Max (2018)

Duration: ca. 10’. Premiered by Mari Asakawa at the concert “A Window open to the  World: New Directions in Electronic Music” during the JSCM Autumn Exhibition of Contemporary Music on November 5th, 2018, at Ushigome Tansu Kumin Hall, Tokyo 

“Undulations IIIb” for solo violin and Max (2016)
Duration: ca. 10’. Premiered by Maja Cerar at NYCEMF 2016 at the Abrons Arts Center, New York

“Jardin en tranquillité II” for violin, viola, cello and piano (2016) 
Duration: ca. 10’. Premiered at the Arts Festival Dimension, Seoul in April 2016.

“Undulations III” for solo violin (2013)
Duration: ca. 10’. Premiered by George Kentros at the Aichi Art Triennale Festival in Nagoya in 2013.

“Undulations TM” for solo violin (2013)
Duration: ca. 5’. Premiered by Airi Yoshioka (UMBC) at the Tribute Concert for Tristan Murail at the Italian House, Columbia University in 2013

“Undulations” for solo viola and Max (2012)
Duration: ca. 10’. Premiered at the concert for the 80th Anniversary of JSCM in Tokyo by Yasutaka Henmi, violist.

"Jardin en tranquilité" for solo piano (2006/2009)
Duration: ca.12'. Premiered by Korean-American pianist Jung-Ja Kim in Tokushima and Tokyo in September 2009.

"ImpulsePPF" for computer music (1995/2007)
Duration: 7'00". Revised from analog tape version of 1995. Premiered at ZAIM in Yokohama in Media Project hosted by Tokyo Denki University in November 2007.
 "La pyramide de verre" for fl, vl, vc and pf (2005) Duration: ca.6'30". Premiered by a Swedish ensemble the Pearls Before Swine Experience during their Japan Tour in November 2005.

"Interlude : Un souvenir en contre-jour" for piano (2003)
Duration: ca.5'. Premiered by Japanese pianist Yoshiko Tamai at Tsuda Hall in Tokyo in 2003.

"Jazz Drive II" for jazz quintet: tp, tenor sax, pf, bass and drums (1998/2003)
Duration: ca.15'. Premiered at the Contemporary-Jazz Drive concert at Tokyo FM Hall in Tokyo in 2003.

"Path to the Serene" for solo fl, vn, va, vc, hp, pf and Max/MSP (2002)
Duration: ca.10'. Premiered by the Azure Ensemble at the Merkin Concert Hall in New York in 2002.
Included on Conference CD by ICMC 2006

"Water-Moon" for 20-string koto (2002)
Duration: ca.10'. Premiered by Noriko Tamura at Con'temporary Koto Vol.3 concert at Tiara Koto Recital Hall in 2002. Published by JFC. 

"Interior/Exterior I" for tp and Max/MSP (2001)
Duration: ca.10'. Premiered by Kiyonori Sokabe at his recital at Japanisches Kulturinstitut in Koln in 2001.
"The Oort Cloud" for pipa, kayagum, baritone sax, tb and marimba (2001)
Duration: ca.10'. Premiered at the CrossSound New Music Festival at Sheet'ka Kwaan Na Kahidi in Sitka, Alaska in 2001.

"Wa : Variations for Dance" for piano (2001)
Duration: ca.10'. Premiered by Sydney based Ichiro Harada Dance Company in Sydney, Australia in 2001.

"Chronosphere" for 15 instrumentalists and Max/MSP (1998-2000)
Duration: ca.15'. Premiered by Ensemble Modern directed by Dominique My at Asian Composers League's Asian Music Week at Yokohama Minato-Mirai Concert Hall in Yokohama in 2000.

"Mind Mirror : Nyodai's Dream" for shakuhachi, pipa and 17-string koto (1998)
Duration: ca.10'. Premiered by Ned Rothenberg, Min Xiao Fen and Masayo Ishigure at the International Conference for Medieval Japanese Culture hosted by Columbia University at St. Paul's Church in 1998.

"Eclat du soir" for vl, vc and pf (1997)
Duration: ca.7'. Premiered at the Chateau de Fontainebleau during the Fontainebleau Summer Music Festival in 1997. Japan premiere was made in 1999 at the Suntory Hall (Blue Rose). Selected for the ISCM World Music Days in Luxemboug in 2000. Score and CD published by JFC. 

"Reminiscence" for computer music (1996)
Duration: 7'30". Selected and premiered during the ICMA International Computer Music Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1997.

"Kyo-Da" for 6 percussionists (1996)
Duration: ca.10'. Premiered by Osaka based percussion group SECHSECK in Toyonaka City, Osaka, in 1996. 

"Impulse" for analogue electronic music tape (1995) 
Duration: 7’00". Created at the Electronic Music Center (now, Computer Music Center) of Columbia University, New York. Premiered at the EMC Tribute Concert at the Miller Theatre in 1995.

"Colors of Time" for piano and orchestra (1993)
Duration: ca.10'. Not premiered.

“Music for Alto Flute and Guitar” (1992)
Duration: ca.10’. in 2 movements. Premiered at North/South Consonance Concert in NY in 1993.